Padkaka 讓孩子愛上英文很簡單

General questions

PadKaKa is the world's first animation card product that allows children to interact with a tablet. Animations associated with each card are played on your tablet.

2.5-7 year old children. Adults are welcome to use it, too.

A tablet and internet connection.

Given the numerous tablets available in the market, especially those running Android operating systems, it is NOT guaranteed that the PadKaka App can work on all of them. It is recommended that you choose tablets with a higher market share, such as the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab 9.7, and Nexus 9.

In addition, PadKaKa is optimized for screen resolutions of 1024x768 pixels and 2048x1536 pixels. For the best user experience, please adjust your device resolution accordingly.

Kids love it! We have received lots of positive feedback from current users. Most children love PadKaKa because it integrates three of children’s favorite elements: animations, cards, and tablets.

Of course the level of appeal varies, and this may be related to a child’s learning ability and curiosity. But we believe your companionship and encouragement are the most important factors. In order to achieve the best result, please follow the Recommendations for Use.

Last but not least, choosing learning materials your children love can have a major impact on their learning. We recommend that you try PadKaka first before purchasing it; for example, you should borrow PadKaKa from a friend or print Trial Cards Here.

First, tablets are not recommended for children under 2 years old. According to eye doctors, the best advice for tablet users is the same as the advice for those who read: use an optimal font size, monitor the length of time, and maintain a proper distance. Each reading or play session should not exceed 30 minutes and should be followed by a 5-minute break. It is recommended that you choose a 9-inch or larger tablet.

Importantly, since PadKaKa involves operating the tablet with cards, it naturally takes the children’s eyes off the tablet, so it is better than most children’s apps at protecting children’s eyes.

If you still have concerns, it is recommended that you connect the tablet to a large display (a TV or computer screen) to maintain a sufficient distance. In this case, your child will be watching the large screen while using the cards to interact with the tablet. For more information, please go to Recommendations for Use.

The answer is, absolutely!

What's amazing about toddlers is not just how fast they grow but how they can learn a complicated language within a short time. As we all know, it may take years for an adult to learn a second language.

In contrast, research shows that the best time to learn a language is before the age of 12, and especially before the age of 5, which is referred to as the golden period for language learning. However, another school of thought suggests that people should focus on their mother tongue first before they move on to a second language. Our purpose here is not to debate this assertion, but we can definitely take into consideration what has been done in other countries.

Children in most European countries, and in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, learn multiple languages at a very young age. Indeed, they demonstrate greater language proficiency as compared to those who are not exposed to a multilingual environment. You may be able to observe a similar situation when you compare your children to your friends’ children.

Questions regarding usage

Each trial pack contains six cards and a user guide. Just download the free app, and you are ready to go! Registration is NOT required when you use trial cards. iPad users can find PadKaKa on the App Store, and Android users can find it on Google Play. Or you can simply scan the QRCode below.

  • Download the app first
  • Register and log in as PadKaKa member
  • Use the "Activation Card" and then enjoy all the features!

For more information, please see the Quick Start Guide.

Each PadKaKa product contains an “Activation Card” stored in a plastic bag. It is used to activate the set of cards you purchase, and only by doing so are you authorized to use PadKaKa.

Once the Activation Card is activated, it automatically becomes invalid and CANNOT be reused. Therefore, it is recommended that you register and log in to activate the Activation Card soon after purchase. The Activation Card can be discarded after use.

For more information, please see the Quick Start Guide.

In order not to occupy too much storage space on your device, PadKaKa animations are streamed over an internet connection (similar to watching YouTube online).

If you would like to use PadKaKa when you do not have internet access or when your connection is slow, you may download selected animations in the Outdoor Mode. This ensures a smooth experience wherever you go.

Please go to the Parent Mode for more information.

Yes, there are four other core features:

  • Flash: The Flash feature plays a string of chosen cards fast and non-stop to stimulate children’s right-brain functions and trigger graphic memorization.
  • Bedtime: The Bedtime mode automatically plays cards in the Candy Jar, such as children’s songs. This feature is ideal for your child’s bedtime entertainment or relaxation.
  • Outdoor: If you wish to use PadKaKa when you have no access to the internet, you can use the “Outdoor” mode to download selected animations (maximum 30 items) to your device so that your child can still enjoy PadKaKa offline.
  • Test: This function offers various ways for you to check your child’s learning outcomes.

Please go to the Parent Mode for more information.

It is recommended that you give out only 5-10 cards every day, observe your child, and adjust the number accordingly. Using more cards does not necessarily indicate great success; in fact, using too many cards too fast can have a negative impact on learning outcomes. Remember to have your child watch each animation at least 3 times, and encourage him/her to speak and to use the recording function to record the output.

Repetition is important in learning. Let your child play the animations over and over again, and only give them new cards when they have mastered the current ones. Of course the level of appeal varies; this might be related to curiosity, parents' companionship and encouragement, and interference from TV or other distractions. But we do believe your companionship and encouragement are the most important factors of all.

When your child is asking for new cards, use the “Flash” function to enhance his/her memory and the “Test” function (Please go to the Parent Mode for instructions) to check whether he/she has mastered the current set before giving out another 5-10 cards. This learning process is more challenging and thus motivational.

When children learn a language, their visual absorption rate is 83%, as compared to only 11% for auditory absorption.

Children rely heavily on visual cues to make sense of what other people are saying. That's also why, for blind children, it's more difficult to learn. Unlike traditional vocabulary cards that only play sounds, PadKaKa's fun animation arouses children’s interest and improves the learning outcomes.

Wi-Fi is required when you watch animations on PadKaKa. It is designed not to occupy too much storage space on your device.

However, when you are using features such as Flash or Test, Wi-Fi is not needed, as these features do not involve animations.

If you wish to use PadKaKa when you have no access to the internet, such as when you are on the go, you can download selected animations (maximum 30 items) to your device in the Outdoor mode so that your child can still enjoy PadKaKa offline.

Please go to the Parent Mode for more information.

Yes, as long as your device supports 3G/4G.

Please go to Settings, and click on 3G/4G to adjust the settings. Note that related expenses may be incurred.

PadKaKa can run on ONE DEVICE ONLY at any given time. You can switch to another device, of course, but the previous device will log out automatically.

Please see Authorized Terms of Use for more information.

Yes, you can switch to another device, but the PadKaKa on the previous device will log out automatically.

Please see Authorized Terms of Use for more information.

  • First, download the PadKaKa App on your new device.
  • Then click Settings.
  • Then log in.

Please log in using the information you used when you first registered with PadKaKa. For example, if you registered with a Facebook account, please use that account to log in (in this case, please also make sure Facebook is also installed on your new device).

If you registered with email, please enter your account and password to log in. Upon log-in, your new device will then download relevant files in order to run PadKaKa, and after the download is completed, you can start using it. Note that you DO NOT need the Activation Card to activate it again.

Yes, but PadKaKa recognizes users by their accounts, so your friend will need your account information to use it.

Note that you can log in on ONLY ONE device at any given time. When your friend logs in on his/her device, you will be logged out automatically.

When you enter the wrong password, PadKaKa will ask you if you forgot your password. An email will then be sent to your registered ID/email address. You can reset the password from there.

No, PadKaKa ID CANNOT be changed after you complete registration.

In addition to your email address, you can also use a Facebook, Twitter, or Wechat account as your PadKaKa ID.

Based on our testing results on the iPad, you should not hold the cards too close to the camera. You may want to teach your child how to feed the cards into the dog's mouth. You can hold the card and approach the camera from a slightly greater distance.

Please see the demonstration.

Questions regarding orders

According to the Consumer Protection Act, consumers of a mail or online order are entitled to a 7-day trial period upon receipt of such goods (weekends/holidays inclusive). It is recommended that during the trial, you download the app (free of charge) and test all the functions using the free trial cards. Given the fact that free trial cards are provided for testing/trial purposes, once your PadKaKa product OR Activation Card is unpacked, or under any of the following circumstances, the user shall not ask for return or replacement of the goods.

Return/Replacement will be rejected under any of the following circumstances:

  • package of PadKaKa product or Activation Card has been opened, or contract sticker is damaged
  • outer package and product are damaged due to mishandling
  • gift-with-purchase or product peripherals are lost or damaged
  • purchase is made in a physical store (not mail or online order)

If your product is purchased online and the above circumstances are excluded, you are eligible to return the goods anytime during the 7-day trial period. Please apply to the online store where you purchased the product and make sure the product is unused and the package is intact. The product must be in the original condition; otherwise, your return will be rejected. Thank you for understanding. If you still have questions regarding our Product Return Policy, please contact customer service for more information. Thank you!

Customer Service: