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Your child will learn basic English vocabulary and sentences within 2 years. He/she will also develop an interest in English learning, paving the way for future language learning.

  • PadKaKa integrates three of children’s favorite elements into English learning: an iPad, Cards, and Cartoons. Your children will be interacting with a tablet using animation cards.
  • PadKaKa is the world's first animation card product. There are 600 cards available now, and each card has a corresponding animation.
  • PadKaKa features 600 vocabulary cards covering 660 basic vocabulary items and 3,300 sentences.

PadKaKa vocabulary cards

  • 450P premium coated postcard paper
  • Durable design: water-repellent, anti-smudge coatings on both sides
  • All the cards are printed with soy ink in a strictly controlled printing process. We are committed to providing your child with products that are 100% safe and non-toxic.
  • The bone-shaped cards are specially designed to train children’s motor skills. The size, 12 cm × 9 cm, makes the cards cute and easy for children to manage.

PadKaKa storage box

  • The colorful PadKaKa storage box makes it easy to organize and store the cards. More importantly, in your child’s eyes, it's not just a storage box—it is a treasure chest full of his/her favorite animation cards!

Learning step by step

  • English Words 001~200 help develop your child’s interest and self-confidence in English learning.
  • English Words 201~400 build further on the solid foundation while developing your child’s proficiency.
  • English Words 401~600 allow your child to learn the most common words and put them into practice.
  • English Songs 001~045 are 45 English songs that enhance your child's pronunciation and intuitive feeling for English.
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PadKaKa's six core features
Designed to reinforce learning effectiveness

  • Kids Mode
  • Flash
  • Test
  • Bedtime
  • Outdoor
  • Record