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Recommendations for use

The learning method is the key to successful learning.
It is recommended that you give out only 5-10 cards each time, and have your child watch each animation at least 3 times. Encourage your child to speak, and use the recording function to record the output.

When your child asks for new cards, use the “Flash” feature to enhance his/her memory, and then use the “Test” function to make sure he/she has mastered the current set before giving out another 5-10 cards. This learning process is more challenging and motivating.


Let your child make decisions

We suggest that you let your child pick the cards he/she wants to play with. If your child feels he/she is taking the initiative, the learning process will be more fun and effective.

Sometimes your child may fall in love with a specific card and watch the same animation over and over. That’s perfectly OK—language learning is always enhanced by repetition.

You can play Padkaka through Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

If you have concerns over the size of your device, you can use your TV as a display. Your child can still use the cards to operate the tablet and watch the animations on the TV.

To learn more about PadKaKa, please go to Our Product.